Active Disk Image Professional Corporate 5.2.5

A PC backup solution for a complete team or any disk sets of PC including operating system, applications and user files. A backup image can be recorded directly on a disc CD / DVD / BR, stored on a USB drive or stays in other media.

In the event of computer failure, a backup image can be used to recover your computer system or find and restore the necessary files from the interior of an image.
Active @ Boot Disk Lite (CD / DVD / USB) as a component of the program helps you bring a dead system back to life to restore a Windows system disk.

“Active disk image” creates two types of disk images:
Image · Backup disk is used for the backup of the entire team or on another disk of PC, and contains the space used on disk only.
Image · Raw disk contains an identical copy of every sector of the disk. Runtime data and retrieval in the future can be used for backup of systems.

key features of “active disk image”:

· Support – CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD + R DL (dual layer), USB devices and FireWire, units of network, Zip and Jaz, HD DVD and Blu-ray compatible.
· Program a backup – calendar of the regular realization of a disk image.
· Disk Image Explorer – You can see the contents of the disk images archive file and restore individual files of the same.