Antivirus for social networks

Every day there are new stories of cases of people who were badly or were stolen and others something worse through social networks like facebook or twitter. This is because many times that we are not aware that we must be attentive to safety in social networks in which we participate, people think that by being virtual environments are protected, but malicious people are everywhere including on the Internet. In the same way that it is important to be aware of the dangers that offers the street, we must protect our virtual environments.

To help us with security in social networks we have projects like safego which is an antivirus for social networks created by the well-known firm of bitdefender security.

Safego is a free tool designed to analyze the accounts of users of social networks and detect email spam, fraud or threats online, this program will significantly increase our security in the social, is how to install an antivirus for twitter and an antivirus for facebook.

BitDefender Safego uses colors to classify threats in which:

Red: very suspicious accounts. propagation of malware, spam or phishing.Yellow: moderate risk. the accounts marked with this color of attracting followers through mechanisms that may be considered spam.Grey: Under threat. the account holder is unknown.Green: No threat. Green flags indicate secure accounts.

To use safego you don’t need to install anything extra if you already use social networks facebook or twitter you have everything needed to run this antivirus for social networks.