Avid Torq v2.0.3 multilanguage for Windows and Mac OS X

If it is used by many DJs you for something.

DJs Torq ® 2.0 software goes far beyond beats synchronization. With it come in the future of production in time real and performances by the DJs. Do not limit yourself to click tracks: reinventing them. Get the maximum performance of the four dishes to create unique, complex and dynamic mixes. Develop your own sound using innovative effects of high quality and a powerful integrated sampler.

Not you limits on the crossfading and experience new and exciting ways to make transitions between tracks due to the characteristic innovative Traq Morph ™. You can combine Torq 2.0 with tables of mixtures, CD players and a wide variety of DJ controllers, or you just run the software. Completely redesigned for bombproof stability and a functioning at full power, Torq 2.0 gives you a multitude of methods to cause furor in dance in the Studio or wherever you want.

A live remix machine

Torq revolutionized acting and digital DJs production by combining the essential properties of the software to DJ with a variety of innovative features. Torq 2.0 goes even further with high-quality effects and up to four simultaneous for plate inserts. But does not end there: VST support is that you can manipulate your audio with any of the innumerable VST effects in the market. Each dish supports four simultaneous integrated effects and a VST effect (maximum of 20 effects at the same time) so that every night can completely reinvent your sound. Torq also offers a number of advanced tools of loops to make mash-up and remix tracks on the fly, include buttons QuickLoop functionality Pre-Loop to capture a section just heard and Smart Mode to capture size music loops. The sampler 18 cells, with tempo sync makes it easier to add loops, samples and other audio to your mixes. Torq 2.0 comes with 100 MB of free preset loops so you put hands to work.