Become a DJ with your iphone

At the age of adolescence is usually has a group of friends that shared many experiences, one of the conversations that can never miss with friends is which begins with “that you want to do to earn a living,” surely will have all kinds of responses, especially which have to do with works that involve fun, as owner of a bar and things happen, this group of activities found one that at some point it occurred to me, it’s be DJ. What better way meet girls and be popular that is at the Centre of the celebrations. The time step and I am far from that at some point it occurred to me, but not all this lost, thanks to an interesting application for iphone called IGD STUDIO that allows to make music without musical knowledge.

IGD STUDIO by definition is a program for iphone to create sequences of music as do the dj at parties and broadcasters. This application comes with pre-installed tracks with which it is possible to create mixes from the outset, it is clear that IGD STUDIO is made for fun and still not have a professional approach but is on track to become a reference for this type of applications for phones and mobile devices.

This video shows IGD in operation, making music is very easy and the results can be amazing.

This is another example of functionality directly from the iphone

As already said this application is designed for the iphone but it is compatible also with: iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or higher.

Mesclador dj 3 is a similar program with similar functionality.