Branding Has More Value Than SEO

Search Engine Optimization. It’s an important tool in the belt of any website administration whom is attempting to bring up the page ranking for their website. A good SEO manager knows the importance and the power behind a healthy keyword portfolio that is able to out keyword the rest of the competing websites. Whether that keyword is something like ‘receipt template word’ for a invoice template website or something else, it takes trial and error in order to find the right series of keywords that are utilized most frequently by users querying the targeted search engine – most often Google or Bing.

Of course this is why data is sold so often by third party applications that are plugged into the browser. This sort of information is exactly the treasure trove that marketers are looking for when they buy the data. Being able to turn off Google’s search engine history must be a source of contention among these data brokers who scrape all that history in hopes of finding key data that their clients are purchasing. Still, it can be something of guesswork too which shouldn’t be discounted. Looking at the data of the competition can also give a semblance of an idea as to what keywords they might be using.

This is also why the importance of branding a website cannot be understated. Without a name to attach to the keywords or even the website, users won’t recognize it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve Googled a website simply by keywords because I wasn’t able to recall the name of the site in question. In order to gain repeat visitors and customers through word of mouth, branding is where that success will be able to occur. A memorable website is far more valuable than a series of keywords.