BurnAware Professional v.4.1.1 Spanish (free disc recorder supporting Blu-Ray)

BurnAware is a simple program that records any type of CD and DVD data, audio, MP3, and which can create disk images. It is compatible with the vast majority of recorders, checks the recorded disc, has support for multisesiones and formatted disks.

BurnAware Professional is the choice for professional users to burn discs CD/DVD/Blu-ray. It offers a wide range of advanced functionalities, allowing you to duplicate CDs and DVDs, make exact copies of their albums of photos, games, programs, movies, etc, in your hard drive and burn on multiple drives simultaneously.


* Record data, boot and multisession discs
* Burn audio, video, and MP3 discs
* Create and burn ISO/CUE/BIN image
* It allows to copy disk to disk or stored as ISO image
* Erase rewritable discs
* Extract audio CD tracks
* Extract data from unreadable discs or multisession
* Compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 Bits), not required.NET Framework


* All kinds of discs (Blu-ray disc/DVD/CD) including double layer
* All current interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA) including AHCI
* File UDF/ISO9660/Joliet (any combination) systems
* Write on the fly (not need to pass first through the hard drive)
* Verification of written files
* Does not contain spyware, adware, banners, etc.
* It allows commercial use
* New interface MultiLanguage (includes the Spanish)
* New recording engine
* Use of 1-3% of the CPU when recording
* It shows the progress of the level of the buffer
* Selection of speed of writing and recording in the main window
* Supports AHCI drives ATA / SATA
* Supports all UDF (1.02-2.60) versions
* It supports the extended ISO options
* Supports FLAC, OGG, MP3, WMA and WAV formats
* Supports CD-Text and characters Unicode (runways and disk)
* Supports disk ISO/CUE/BIN images
* Supports compensation DVD
* Supports multisession DVD-RW/DVD + RW
* Supports copying and I ripping CDs of audio (Home and Pro editions)
* Supports recovery of data (Home and Pro editions)

Changes in version 4.1.1

-Updated the translation into the Spanish language.
-Added catalan translation.
-Added ISO level Romeo.
-Solved a problem at the start of the tool to copy disk.
-Fixed a bug in the timestamp when deleting files.
-Installer and files.EXE digitally-signed
-Updated the recording SDK and translations
-Added a new method for detection of data in the DVD-RW / + RW.
-Added a new feature to update the existing data in the DVD-RW / + RW/BD-RE.
-Added buttons “move up/down” in the menus of compilation of CD audio.
-Solved the problem of false positive that they gave the Kaspersky products.
-Solved the problem by uploading session on multi-session discs.
-Fixed a disk read error when copying.
-Fixed a failure value of pause when saving / loading.
-Fixed a bug when opening the tray of the reader.