Why Adding SpyHunter 5 Adds to Your PC Protection

One of the reasons that I recommend a helper program to whatever antivirus program you have is because of malware and spyware that gets missed. If you use something such as SpyHunter 5, it adds to your protection. People like different brands of antivirus programs. There is a wide variability of their effectiveness because of several factors. One is the virus definitions they have. The program needs to know what to look for. A big company will be up on what is coming down the Pike as far as viruses are concerned. They then do updates to have your software look for it. Depending on the operating budget of the company, your updates may come in slow or fast for the latest threats.

Another issue is the actual engine that runs the antivirus program. Not all of them are the same. Not all of them look for the same things the exact same way with the same level of effectiveness. The last things is how lenient or strict the antivirus program can be. Some are so strict you cannot do stuff that is perfectly normal and safe to do. It confuses regular computer users so they tone down the protection to not get the warnings. Then that is when stuff slips through.

Another bit of software that is running in the background and constantly on the lookout for stuff antivirus programs typically miss gives you that extra bit of protection you need. Even if you do not do any banking or anything serious with your computer, I would reason that you do not want to lose pictures and other things due to a virus or spyware destroying functionality. If you do banking and other things where sensitive information could be compromised, you certainly want extra protection against spyware on your computer.

Driver Genius professional review

Driver Genius can manage your PC drivers to get 100% up to date Drivers and optimize PC performance. Driver Genius Professional is a powerful driver manager for Windows that can backup, restore, search and update your drivers automatically with only a couple of mouse clicks!

Quickly backup device drivers for your computer. Free to backup all drivers now!
Install multiple drivers with a single click . One-click installation of the driver.
Detection of advanced driver and faster download speed by more reliable New Driver Download Manager.
Ensure your drivers are always up- to-date by Driver scan scheduler.
Remove invalid or useless drivers , improve system performance and stability.

Drivers Backup: Driver Genius Professional can detect and quickly backup drivers installed on your system . He can compress the backup drivers to a zip file auto – archive, extract or an independent executable auto installer .
Drivers Restore: You no longer need to install drivers one by one after reinstalling your operating system . Just one click can install all your backup drivers automatically. You can also install drivers via command line silently . If you need install drivers on multiple PC with the same hardware configuration , Driver Genius can save you a lot of time when reinstalling your systems.

Drivers Update: Are you still using an old version or beta drivers ? These failures drivers can cause compatibility problems . They are the biggest hidden problem that cause systems to crash. A suitable drivers can improve system performance by 50% or more. There are more than 100,000 device drivers in the database of software, including mother , sound card , video card , network card , modem , mouse , keyboard , scanner , printer and digital devices etc. With one click, this Genius will work all the drivers that need updating . All drivers we offer are official versions or WHQL versions , you can use them without any compatibility worries .
Drivers Uninstall : There may be some drivers stayed in your system because of changing hardware or updating drivers . Driver Genius can find these drivers that are no longer in use and quickly uninstall them.

LiveUpdate: We update large numbers of drivers on our website everyday. You can synchronize your local database Driver Genius with the latest drivers by using our LiveUpdate program.

Qubity a powerful task management

The large number of program options to manage tasks creates problems for deciding. Some are very simple and others are extremely powerful. Many self-employed persons seek program to help them organize the work, but finding programs are designed to control very large work teams or multidisciplinary creates difficulties of adaptation for independent or groups small, the requirements of these programs are intended for collaborative work where many involved in its management. On the other side of the balance of this simple management programmes of tasks that may be sufficient for many cases but lack features simple and very useful as times, level of importance, projects and others.

qubity is an intermediate task management program that is it is possible to coordinate working teams but it is also a tool that can use a separate worker to control things to be done.

Manage tasks with qubity is simple yet powerful, its graphic interface has all the tools in places accessible, the tasks are grouped into projects, also you can create subtasks, both types have common features home, expiration, if it is a task public or private, add files, notes, followers, assign tasks to other people.

qubity has some very interesting display modes with which the director or a project manager could support for control and management.

The free version of this web service is sufficient for self-employed workers or freelancers, while allowing the inclusion of up to 3 collaborators, excellent for small teams and small projects that do not require additional storage resources.

web services

Functionality: qubity is a program online to the powerful task management , working groups or individuals.

License: Free bordered by participants and reduced disk space limitation.

Web: https://qubity.com

Avid Torq v2.0.3 multilanguage for Windows and Mac OS X

If it is used by many DJs you for something.

DJs Torq ® 2.0 software goes far beyond beats synchronization. With it come in the future of production in time real and performances by the DJs. Do not limit yourself to click tracks: reinventing them. Get the maximum performance of the four dishes to create unique, complex and dynamic mixes. Develop your own sound using innovative effects of high quality and a powerful integrated sampler.

Not you limits on the crossfading and experience new and exciting ways to make transitions between tracks due to the characteristic innovative Traq Morph ™. You can combine Torq 2.0 with tables of mixtures, CD players and a wide variety of DJ controllers, or you just run the software. Completely redesigned for bombproof stability and a functioning at full power, Torq 2.0 gives you a multitude of methods to cause furor in dance in the Studio or wherever you want.

A live remix machine

Torq revolutionized acting and digital DJs production by combining the essential properties of the software to DJ with a variety of innovative features. Torq 2.0 goes even further with high-quality effects and up to four simultaneous for plate inserts. But does not end there: VST support is that you can manipulate your audio with any of the innumerable VST effects in the market. Each dish supports four simultaneous integrated effects and a VST effect (maximum of 20 effects at the same time) so that every night can completely reinvent your sound. Torq also offers a number of advanced tools of loops to make mash-up and remix tracks on the fly, include buttons QuickLoop functionality Pre-Loop to capture a section just heard and Smart Mode to capture size music loops. The sampler 18 cells, with tempo sync makes it easier to add loops, samples and other audio to your mixes. Torq 2.0 comes with 100 MB of free preset loops so you put hands to work.

BurnAware Professional v.4.1.1 Spanish (free disc recorder supporting Blu-Ray)

BurnAware is a simple program that records any type of CD and DVD data, audio, MP3, and which can create disk images. It is compatible with the vast majority of recorders, checks the recorded disc, has support for multisesiones and formatted disks.

BurnAware Professional is the choice for professional users to burn discs CD/DVD/Blu-ray. It offers a wide range of advanced functionalities, allowing you to duplicate CDs and DVDs, make exact copies of their albums of photos, games, programs, movies, etc, in your hard drive and burn on multiple drives simultaneously.


* Record data, boot and multisession discs
* Burn audio, video, and MP3 discs
* Create and burn ISO/CUE/BIN image
* It allows to copy disk to disk or stored as ISO image
* Erase rewritable discs
* Extract audio CD tracks
* Extract data from unreadable discs or multisession
* Compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 Bits), not required.NET Framework


* All kinds of discs (Blu-ray disc/DVD/CD) including double layer
* All current interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA) including AHCI
* File UDF/ISO9660/Joliet (any combination) systems
* Write on the fly (not need to pass first through the hard drive)
* Verification of written files
* Does not contain spyware, adware, banners, etc.
* It allows commercial use
* New interface MultiLanguage (includes the Spanish)
* New recording engine
* Use of 1-3% of the CPU when recording
* It shows the progress of the level of the buffer
* Selection of speed of writing and recording in the main window
* Supports AHCI drives ATA / SATA
* Supports all UDF (1.02-2.60) versions
* It supports the extended ISO options
* Supports FLAC, OGG, MP3, WMA and WAV formats
* Supports CD-Text and characters Unicode (runways and disk)
* Supports disk ISO/CUE/BIN images
* Supports compensation DVD
* Supports multisession DVD-RW/DVD + RW
* Supports copying and I ripping CDs of audio (Home and Pro editions)
* Supports recovery of data (Home and Pro editions)

Changes in version 4.1.1

-Updated the translation into the Spanish language.
-Added catalan translation.
-Added ISO level Romeo.
-Solved a problem at the start of the tool to copy disk.
-Fixed a bug in the timestamp when deleting files.
-Installer and files.EXE digitally-signed
-Updated the recording SDK and translations
-Added a new method for detection of data in the DVD-RW / + RW.
-Added a new feature to update the existing data in the DVD-RW / + RW/BD-RE.
-Added buttons “move up/down” in the menus of compilation of CD audio.
-Solved the problem of false positive that they gave the Kaspersky products.
-Solved the problem by uploading session on multi-session discs.
-Fixed a disk read error when copying.
-Fixed a failure value of pause when saving / loading.
-Fixed a bug when opening the tray of the reader.

Organize files and folders with Stuff organizer

Raise your hand the person who this aware of the information, files, photos, sheets of calculation that you have stored on your computer. If I raise the hand “even” don’t require the tools that we present today, but is certain that a future if you may need.
Otherwise if I do not lift then a possible user of Stuff Organizer is a program to organize files and folders that can make life more easy, do I need a program to organize files and folders from my computer?, this response is simple to answer, we must only imagine or recall where there is a special photo, then we can go look for her and we calculate the time it took to find it if it is 1 minute we can conclude whether we have the information our computer organized for a simple reason, if we we delay with something that is important for us and they are our feelings involved as we demoraríamos to find something less important?

Stuff Organizer can do for us might seem to some trivial or useless, but depends very much on the personality of each is your work or keep all the files in our team organised and classified, there is where a program for organizing files and folders, look at how it works:

with Stuff Organizer we will be able to:

decompress compressed files (including 7z, rar, zip plugin)after unzip, cleans unused in the directory files (e.g.: file_id.diz, sfv file) extract iso (disc or dvd images) multiple levels of categories (organize files) support for drag and soltarsoporte of tags (the tag provided classified information) get the description of the films from the advanced search webOpciones

Implicitly this program helps us to improve the performance of our computer because it has functions that eliminates unnecessary or temporary files in Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003.

Driver Detective review

Driver Detective experience.
When Windows seven is usually a step forward in velocity, simplicity, and so forth. In some cases, is creating me hesitate. I’ve been using Windows seven due to the fact its release.

My Pc enhanced substantially considering that I have upgraded from Windows XP. Whatever they say … Windows Vista was a failure in the start out. It’s going to make the Pc a few days I began to hang inexplicably. I was looking through numerous discussion boards, seeing the thoughts of specialists, through plans like ccleaner and registry fix, cleaning inside the computer system, checking temperatures … if it is accurate that one among these programs I discovered a whopping 1081 errors registration just after repair did not observe any improvement. It nevertheless hung.

Ultimately, I decided to reformat. It isn’t some thing I like, mainly because it generally generate a data backup I forget about some information from a directory forgotten, but I assumed it could repair it. It is really awesome that I shell out time repairing computers (provided at the software level, formatting, virus, and so on. ..) and never be able to find the solution to mine. Once formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 … at six minutes, I was yet again blocked. Evidently it absolutely was a little something in the hardware, while all pointed in boards that it absolutely was since the difficult drive or RAM. I check out and it was not. It may be the source or even the battery, although that was inside of my ignorance for the hardware degree. The solution was not far in the approach. Several of the hardware failed. Lastly, I acquired to try out amongst people very little packages that deal with updating drivers. Fujitsu, for my Laptop, did not help motorists for Windows seven.

And when Windows 7 is installed, it requires default and generic drivers for details as vital because the video card, audio and a few peripherals. I put in the Driver Detective Expert (having to pay), updated drivers (a complete of 17 obsolete) and … presto! The Computer is operating for 3 days with no a single crash. This “experience” the story due to the fact if it truly is genuine that the factors behind a crash might be numerous, before using the Pc to some technician, must exhaust all choices. I had under no circumstances tasted a thing similar to this kind of software program is answerable for detecting and improve laptop hardware, I now see as essential if we don’t have up to date drivers assist.

Sticky Password Pro v5.0.6.246 Multilenguaje

Complete password with automatic insert System Manager.

Sticky Password is a complete password manager with which you can store all your keys in a safe place, use them where necessary with a single click and it will also save having to memorize them all separately.

The program stores all passwords in a database fully protected by powerful algorithms of encryption (AES/Rijndael, Blowfish, Gost, SCOP, Twofish and more, up to 8192 bits) and a key “master”, which is also the only one that you’ll have to remember to access your passwords.

But as well as save keys safely, Sticky Password allows you to insert them where necessary (web pages, FTP servers, programs of instant messaging, etc.) very easily, thanks to a button that appears in the title bar of the window.

The program has support for multiple user names and keys within one account, includes a random password generator, and regularly conducts backups of the database to avoid losing or a key.

TuneUp Utilities 2012 v12.0.2020.22 + PORTABLE + Spanish translation

An innovation of the world & speed

TuneUp Utilities is a comprehensive set of tools designed to optimize the performance of your system in an effective manner. It offers a global innovation of speed and higher performance for Windows, games and programs. Clean your hard drive and registry safely. And it solves many problems of PC for yourself – with more than 30 tools.

New TuneUp of programs on-demand technology turns off programs to give you that feeling of “Windows as if it were the first day”. So you drastically reduce the burden of the program on your PC and avoid the performance loss: even after numerous software installations. If a program that was shut down is initiated by the user in all forms, is immediately available again as necessary.

Mode Turbo, 10 times more powerful than ever, will bring your PC at a maximum speed of work, navigation and games. With one click, turn off more than 70 background factors that slow down your PC, such as programs Fund, service or maintenance operations scheduled for Windows and third-party software that are rarely required or not are never required.

If you are not sure about whether you should disable or uninstall a program, use the new role of classification. The experiences of users of TuneUp Utilities will provide a significant basis for deciding, and your decisions run automatically in other functions such as TuneUp StartUp Manager, TuneUp Uninstall Manager and TuneUp Program Deactivator.

Read more: the new State setting displays at a glance how well that you have optimized your PC with TuneUp Utilities. But with all these innovations, don’t forget the Favorites of TuneUp Utilities: 1 – click maintenance and automatic maintenance for maintenance around your PC, defragmentation of hard drive reliable for additional performance, TuneUp Registry Cleaner intensive of the Windows registry of cleaning, optimization live to bring active programs and games to top speed, free disk space to discover and eliminate data garbage and effective additional features ensure that your computer remains the better.