DP Animation Maker 2.0.3

DP Animation Maker provides a set of simple tools so that anyone without knowledge of programming or design, you can create by he same creative animations. You only need the images of background and your imagination, because DP Animation Maker puts the rest of the elements. If you want to create a GIF to your web page, or create a video with animations for a DVD menu, DP Animation Maker is your tool.

To see the possibilities of the application, you can try any of the examples that DP Animation Maker, and on the basis of them, include our own elements and new effects. If we want to start an animation from scratch, first of all we have to choose a background image. Then we can apply to the Fund, some of the available effects, as an effect of fire, waves in water, or the Matrix code. And now only us it would be missing apply an animation.

DP Animation Maker has already created several animations:
Butterflies flying in different colors.
-Ghosts which appear and disappear.
Autumn leaves falling from the sky.
-Different kinds of fish swimming.