Edit photos from many places

Image editing not always should be considered a professional activity, because many times we want to Modify Pictures just for fun, make montages or apply effects to photos can be a fun activity. From the simple process of removing red eyes, to add nuances or cuttlefish to the images to show off to friends or post them on any social network. Regardless of the reason we use a program to edit images. Today we bring Pixlr-o-matic an excellent choice to edit photos that works under multiple platforms and devices that you can take a photo or modify an existing.


Pixlr-o-matic is an application that allows you to add effects and filters to the photos or images of very simple and quick way, runs on multiple platforms, we can edit images in our computer downloading an application, or Edit photos in Facebook, as an extension of the Chrome browser and there is even a version for the operating system iOS to Add effects to pictures from any device with Android and ipad or iphone is also perfect to modify this photo that I take in the mirror.

The video that we will see below shows how this application on the ipad, but all versions for pc, mac, web, android, etc. They are equal and have the same characteristics.