How to sell a digital product

Wondered as sell a digital product?, we have a couple of options, but first we define the term digital product; It’s an intangible intellectual creation that offers any information and that can be distributed, in this group are: videos, music in mp3, electronic texts such as guides, manuals, recipes, software and programs, etc. If make created or possess something of this sort then you have a digital product independent if do paid or not by him.

Now, as selling a digital product, mention two options which found us very practices and easy to sell your products, is about Gumroad and Sellfy two web services that are intended to make life more easy when it comes to selling digital products over the internet.

Gumroad: this service is very simple from the first moment, the registration will take a few minutes and if you want you can link the account of twitter or facebook, after that only have to enter a name, a price and a download link, the system deliver us another link to sell it through Gumroad. The charged Commission is 5% + $0.30 for each transaction. For example: If you sell a digital video for $10, the platform is left with $0.80 and $9.20 is deposited in your account. There are no additional payments or monthly payments, pay Commission if you sell and go, so simple.

Sellfy: it is a service very similar to the previous, but more complete in the sense that to sell a product must upload it to the platform which is a significant advantage in what is related to safety of the product and ease of sale, similar to the previous charge commissions for sales in this case is of 5% on the value of the salepayments can be made through paypal. Integration with social networks and the possibility of creating promotions are very attractive characteristics of Sellfy and do a service to keep in mind when we want to sell digital products.