Is DSL As Bad As People Say It Is?

It has been a long time since I had a DSL and that was for a very brief amount of time. I think it was six or seven years ago and I wanted to save money. It was cheap, but the amount of internet that I got and the reliabliity of the service were both very poor. However it is true that you can get cheap DSL for like twelve or fifteen dollars a month. That is less than one quarter of what I am paying for cable internet service right now. Of course in theory my internet is probably worth what I pay for it, if you are the cable company. In my opinion I should be able to get two times as much speed for the price that I am paying. In fact if you could get fiber optic to the door type internet you probably get a minimum of three times what I get now. I think those sorts of operations will guarantee that they give you areound 45 megabytes per second (maybe it is megabits, I am not sure).

If I was getting that sort of bandwidth I would not feel to awful about the price that I am paying, but it seems to me that the cable company is selling me the same internet service that they are selling to every other Harry Dick and Jane in this part of the United States of America. By that I mean that about every single night my internet seems to slow to a crawl. It is not much better than what I would expect to get from cheap DSL and if that I is what I am going to get, then I should probably pay for the price that it would cost. Of course maybe DSL is better now.