Organize files and folders with Stuff organizer

Raise your hand the person who this aware of the information, files, photos, sheets of calculation that you have stored on your computer. If I raise the hand “even” don’t require the tools that we present today, but is certain that a future if you may need.
Otherwise if I do not lift then a possible user of Stuff Organizer is a program to organize files and folders that can make life more easy, do I need a program to organize files and folders from my computer?, this response is simple to answer, we must only imagine or recall where there is a special photo, then we can go look for her and we calculate the time it took to find it if it is 1 minute we can conclude whether we have the information our computer organized for a simple reason, if we we delay with something that is important for us and they are our feelings involved as we demoraríamos to find something less important?

Stuff Organizer can do for us might seem to some trivial or useless, but depends very much on the personality of each is your work or keep all the files in our team organised and classified, there is where a program for organizing files and folders, look at how it works:

with Stuff Organizer we will be able to:

decompress compressed files (including 7z, rar, zip plugin)after unzip, cleans unused in the directory files (e.g.: file_id.diz, sfv file) extract iso (disc or dvd images) multiple levels of categories (organize files) support for drag and soltarsoporte of tags (the tag provided classified information) get the description of the films from the advanced search webOpciones

Implicitly this program helps us to improve the performance of our computer because it has functions that eliminates unnecessary or temporary files in Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003.