AnyToISO Professional 3.3 Build 438

AnyToISO Converter you can convert files from multiple formats to ISO images with great ease. Once processed, these images are ready to be recorded directly on a CD or a DVD.

The majority of software stored on a CD / DVD works with ISO images and their native images only. Thus, before recording you will need to use AnyToISO for conversion. The formats of origin that can be converted are: BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, IMG, B5I, DMG, DEB, UIF, DAA, GBI. On the other hand you just have a single destination or output format, the ISO. Therefore it becomes a one-way street.

Perform the conversion, simply must select the source file and a destination folder. In just a few seconds, AnyToISO Converter will have made the conversion. Once transformed the disc images of any format to ISO, not only you can save them directly to CD but that you can also edit them with any editing program.

It is very easy to use, intuitive and simple appearance. It is also quite fast, but its speed is relative since you can only perform a conversion at the same time.

Postcards and animated messages

Doink Express is a fun and creative way to give life , your interests , emotions , feelings and conjugate them to create short animated postcards and messages . drawings , photos and sound. There are endless ways to create personalized messages using photos stored on your camera , computer , phone or tablet. Unleash your imagination and create your own custom artwork or animation, art Doink support him in his work, even adding sound to their creations.

After creating the animated message , share your ” doinks ” with friends, family and multi-media world ! Want to show your doinks all your friends ? simply you can share it by posting on Facebook, or sending it via e -mail. You can also take a look at what your friends will think and doinks other creative people around the world. If you create a message of love that only a person should do with Doink Express the message only reached that special someone.

Many web users are happy with the version for the iPad Doink . Even you can have fun creating animated messages with iPhone and iPod Touch. Be creative at any time and place, you need not be a great artist to create beautiful animated messages worthy of sharing.

DP Animation Maker 2.0.3

DP Animation Maker provides a set of simple tools so that anyone without knowledge of programming or design, you can create by he same creative animations. You only need the images of background and your imagination, because DP Animation Maker puts the rest of the elements. If you want to create a GIF to your web page, or create a video with animations for a DVD menu, DP Animation Maker is your tool.

To see the possibilities of the application, you can try any of the examples that DP Animation Maker, and on the basis of them, include our own elements and new effects. If we want to start an animation from scratch, first of all we have to choose a background image. Then we can apply to the Fund, some of the available effects, as an effect of fire, waves in water, or the Matrix code. And now only us it would be missing apply an animation.

DP Animation Maker has already created several animations:
Butterflies flying in different colors.
-Ghosts which appear and disappear.
Autumn leaves falling from the sky.
-Different kinds of fish swimming.

Acoolsoft PPT to Flash

PPT to Flash Acoolsoft allows users to convert PowerPoint to Flash movie with a single click. All the elements such as animations, transitions for slide shows, sounds, videos and stories will be kept after the conversion.

With this PowerPoint to Flash Converter , users can make it very easy to share presentations from PowerPoint in Flash on the web site or blog, send it by email or burn to a CD.

Note:Please make sure M1cr0soft Pow3rPo1nt 2000/2002/2003/2007 and 2010 32-bit installed correctly.

-There is no learning curve

PPT to Flash is run as a complement to PowerPoint, easy to use
With just one click to convert PowerPoint to Flash movie
With a single click to insert files flash or PowerPoint audio files
With a single click to capture the screen, any other required software

-Conversion of far-reaching

Convert PPSX, PPTX, PPS, PPT to Flash
Publish PowerPoint as SWF files for use on the web
Convert PowerPoint like executable files (.) (EXE)
PowerPoint package as an email attachment

-PPT to Flash allows you to

Reduce the size of PowerPoint file by 90% by email
To distribute PPT after converting PowerPoint to Flash
See submissions anywhere on any computer, regardless of the platforms for the spectator after the conversion of PowerPoint to Flash
Protect your PowerPoint in the SWF file, which is not easy to pirate or changed

PPT to Flash is ideal for

Share PowerPoint of courses or online photo album
Create Slideshow flash for celebrations with PowerPoint presentations
Make incredible banners flash for your site with PowerPoint
Flash E-card DIY PowerPoint as a special holiday gifts

Is DSL As Bad As People Say It Is?

It has been a long time since I had a DSL and that was for a very brief amount of time. I think it was six or seven years ago and I wanted to save money. It was cheap, but the amount of internet that I got and the reliabliity of the service were both very poor. However it is true that you can get cheap DSL for like twelve or fifteen dollars a month. That is less than one quarter of what I am paying for cable internet service right now. Of course in theory my internet is probably worth what I pay for it, if you are the cable company. In my opinion I should be able to get two times as much speed for the price that I am paying. In fact if you could get fiber optic to the door type internet you probably get a minimum of three times what I get now. I think those sorts of operations will guarantee that they give you areound 45 megabytes per second (maybe it is megabits, I am not sure).

If I was getting that sort of bandwidth I would not feel to awful about the price that I am paying, but it seems to me that the cable company is selling me the same internet service that they are selling to every other Harry Dick and Jane in this part of the United States of America. By that I mean that about every single night my internet seems to slow to a crawl. It is not much better than what I would expect to get from cheap DSL and if that I is what I am going to get, then I should probably pay for the price that it would cost. Of course maybe DSL is better now.

FormatFactory 2.90 Portable

Format Factory is a format converter that brings together everything you need to convert any multimedia file that cross your path.

Format Factory is used to move songs from one format to another, optimize videos for viewing on your mobile phone or PDA and even change the length or resolution of your photos.And all without having to be an expert.

Format Factory environment is designed to access the type of conversion that you need in just two clicks. Select the type dearchivo, destination format and ready.

From the Format Factory options you can customize the details of the conversion. Choose folders work, the quality and resolution of the file, the level of compression, among other possibilities.
In short, if you are looking for an environment that lets it you convert everything or almost everything, Format Factory is an excellent choice.

Format Factory supports the following formats:
Audio: MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, M4A and WAV.
Image: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF and ICO
Video: MP4, AVI, MPG and FLV, 3GP, MOV

Format Factory features:
1. A support for the conversion of all the popular video, audio, image and other formats.
2 Repair damaged video and audio files.
3 Reducing multimedia file size.
4. Support for iPhone, iPod multimedia file formats.
5 Convert image to support Zoom, rotation / invested, tags.
6 DVD Ripper.
7 Supports 56 languages

Sounds for games

Technology enthusiasts are amateur games is almost a general rule, if you are in this group of users “geek” beam thought about making a game is probably the equivalent of having a bar for people who have been very parranderas. Well if one of your projects is to create a game we have some options where you can get or create music and sound for games, you can take it as excuse to boot or use your imagination to create fun sounds, sounds like jump, run, shoot, drop an object, and many others are possible to create these applications.


http://thirdcog.EU/apps/cfxr is a recognized program to create music and sounds for games that is based on ease of use and versatility, making it possible to combine, modify and above all experience creating music and effects that can accompany the adventures that offers us a game.


http://www.bfxr.NET/ is a site where you have two options to create sounds for games the first is by using the program directly from the browser or is also possible to download a version for use on the computer without being connected to the internet, which requires to have installed adobe air.

Download software to make sounds for games bxfr.

If you had the opportunity to visit both pages will notice a great similarity between both applications and cfxr is the free original version and bxfr is a version most current has continued the evolution and has taken different paths.

Active Disk Image Professional Corporate 5.2.5

A PC backup solution for a complete team or any disk sets of PC including operating system, applications and user files. A backup image can be recorded directly on a disc CD / DVD / BR, stored on a USB drive or stays in other media.

In the event of computer failure, a backup image can be used to recover your computer system or find and restore the necessary files from the interior of an image.
Active @ Boot Disk Lite (CD / DVD / USB) as a component of the program helps you bring a dead system back to life to restore a Windows system disk.

“Active disk image” creates two types of disk images:
Image · Backup disk is used for the backup of the entire team or on another disk of PC, and contains the space used on disk only.
Image · Raw disk contains an identical copy of every sector of the disk. Runtime data and retrieval in the future can be used for backup of systems.

key features of “active disk image”:

· Support – CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD + R DL (dual layer), USB devices and FireWire, units of network, Zip and Jaz, HD DVD and Blu-ray compatible.
· Program a backup – calendar of the regular realization of a disk image.
· Disk Image Explorer – You can see the contents of the disk images archive file and restore individual files of the same.

BurnAware Professional v.4.1.1 Spanish (free disc recorder supporting Blu-Ray)

BurnAware is a simple program that records any type of CD and DVD data, audio, MP3, and which can create disk images. It is compatible with the vast majority of recorders, checks the recorded disc, has support for multisesiones and formatted disks.

BurnAware Professional is the choice for professional users to burn discs CD/DVD/Blu-ray. It offers a wide range of advanced functionalities, allowing you to duplicate CDs and DVDs, make exact copies of their albums of photos, games, programs, movies, etc, in your hard drive and burn on multiple drives simultaneously.


* Record data, boot and multisession discs
* Burn audio, video, and MP3 discs
* Create and burn ISO/CUE/BIN image
* It allows to copy disk to disk or stored as ISO image
* Erase rewritable discs
* Extract audio CD tracks
* Extract data from unreadable discs or multisession
* Compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 Bits), not required.NET Framework


* All kinds of discs (Blu-ray disc/DVD/CD) including double layer
* All current interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA) including AHCI
* File UDF/ISO9660/Joliet (any combination) systems
* Write on the fly (not need to pass first through the hard drive)
* Verification of written files
* Does not contain spyware, adware, banners, etc.
* It allows commercial use
* New interface MultiLanguage (includes the Spanish)
* New recording engine
* Use of 1-3% of the CPU when recording
* It shows the progress of the level of the buffer
* Selection of speed of writing and recording in the main window
* Supports AHCI drives ATA / SATA
* Supports all UDF (1.02-2.60) versions
* It supports the extended ISO options
* Supports FLAC, OGG, MP3, WMA and WAV formats
* Supports CD-Text and characters Unicode (runways and disk)
* Supports disk ISO/CUE/BIN images
* Supports compensation DVD
* Supports multisession DVD-RW/DVD + RW
* Supports copying and I ripping CDs of audio (Home and Pro editions)
* Supports recovery of data (Home and Pro editions)

Changes in version 4.1.1

-Updated the translation into the Spanish language.
-Added catalan translation.
-Added ISO level Romeo.
-Solved a problem at the start of the tool to copy disk.
-Fixed a bug in the timestamp when deleting files.
-Installer and files.EXE digitally-signed
-Updated the recording SDK and translations
-Added a new method for detection of data in the DVD-RW / + RW.
-Added a new feature to update the existing data in the DVD-RW / + RW/BD-RE.
-Added buttons “move up/down” in the menus of compilation of CD audio.
-Solved the problem of false positive that they gave the Kaspersky products.
-Solved the problem by uploading session on multi-session discs.
-Fixed a disk read error when copying.
-Fixed a failure value of pause when saving / loading.
-Fixed a bug when opening the tray of the reader.

Organize files and folders with Stuff organizer

Raise your hand the person who this aware of the information, files, photos, sheets of calculation that you have stored on your computer. If I raise the hand “even” don’t require the tools that we present today, but is certain that a future if you may need.
Otherwise if I do not lift then a possible user of Stuff Organizer is a program to organize files and folders that can make life more easy, do I need a program to organize files and folders from my computer?, this response is simple to answer, we must only imagine or recall where there is a special photo, then we can go look for her and we calculate the time it took to find it if it is 1 minute we can conclude whether we have the information our computer organized for a simple reason, if we we delay with something that is important for us and they are our feelings involved as we demoraríamos to find something less important?

Stuff Organizer can do for us might seem to some trivial or useless, but depends very much on the personality of each is your work or keep all the files in our team organised and classified, there is where a program for organizing files and folders, look at how it works:

with Stuff Organizer we will be able to:

decompress compressed files (including 7z, rar, zip plugin)after unzip, cleans unused in the directory files (e.g.: file_id.diz, sfv file) extract iso (disc or dvd images) multiple levels of categories (organize files) support for drag and soltarsoporte of tags (the tag provided classified information) get the description of the films from the advanced search webOpciones

Implicitly this program helps us to improve the performance of our computer because it has functions that eliminates unnecessary or temporary files in Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003.