PhotoAcute Studio 3.003 (x86/x64)

Do you think that your digital camera has become outdated and you would need a new one with more resolution? Well, since you can wait a bit, even you can waive that purchase if you take advantage of PhotoAcute Studio.

On the one hand PhotoAcute Studio improves resolution, dynamic range and depth of image, and on the other hand reduces noise, chromatic aberrations and distortions geométricas… are still wondering about changing camera? That Yes, keep this to enhance your photos you’ll need at least two similar, therefore you must use mode shooting continuous from your digital camera.

To achieve this, PhotoAcute Studio has resources: multiple techniques of processing image scientific (scientific because they are super algorithms used in the físico-nuclear field and developed by Russian scientists) that offers an incredible result.

PhotoAcute Studio increases up to 4 times the original size of the photo, and not talking simply do a digital increase but actually multiply the actual number of pixels, and all you know that more pixels equals more detail, sharpness and resolution. Try PhotoAcute Studio with low resolution photos, you will be surprised.