Postcards and animated messages

Doink Express is a fun and creative way to give life , your interests , emotions , feelings and conjugate them to create short animated postcards and messages . drawings , photos and sound. There are endless ways to create personalized messages using photos stored on your camera , computer , phone or tablet. Unleash your imagination and create your own custom artwork or animation, art Doink support him in his work, even adding sound to their creations.

After creating the animated message , share your ” doinks ” with friends, family and multi-media world ! Want to show your doinks all your friends ? simply you can share it by posting on Facebook, or sending it via e -mail. You can also take a look at what your friends will think and doinks other creative people around the world. If you create a message of love that only a person should do with Doink Express the message only reached that special someone.

Many web users are happy with the version for the iPad Doink . Even you can have fun creating animated messages with iPhone and iPod Touch. Be creative at any time and place, you need not be a great artist to create beautiful animated messages worthy of sharing.