Protecting Children Using MSPY Software

I am of the opinion that you need to monitor your children closely in this electronic age. It is just too tempting for kids to be lured into sexting, pornography and bullying. Peer pressure is just awful. Then, your teens just tell you how you do not understand how it is now. I understand the fundamentals of the temptations fully. It is just that doing some of the things was more difficult to accomplish in my day, and the money was not there either. Teens have a high disposable income now. Because of all this, I looked at MSPY reviews to install software to monitor the electronic usage of our teenager.

I am not asking for a comment sharing your opinion or judgment of this. I am just asking you to consider my point. It is easy for children to make poor choices. Years ago we would have protected them from getting hurt from using farm implements or being attacked by a bear or wolf. Now we need to protect them from the electronic world just as much as we needed to protect them 200 years ago from different threats. We are still working out this new age of social media that can be anything from conservative posting to anything goes.

I will not tell our child I put the software on their devices. It runs in the background. I am not looking to confront them about every poor choice either. I am looking to be prepared to nip something potentially serious in the bud. Do I not trust our teen? Well, that is a yes and a no answer. There is no absolute when it comes to child trust. The potential for unintentional mistakes are real. Having software on our child’s phone, laptop and tablet where I can monitor texts and images shared gives me peace of mind. I may see some things I do not agree with, and I will keep my mouth shut forever about it. That is what parents do. However, when it goes over the line, I will pull my child back from the edge of harm. It is my responsibility to know what our child is doing, and there is no doubt about that.