Qubity a powerful task management

The large number of program options to manage tasks creates problems for deciding. Some are very simple and others are extremely powerful. Many self-employed persons seek program to help them organize the work, but finding programs are designed to control very large work teams or multidisciplinary creates difficulties of adaptation for independent or groups small, the requirements of these programs are intended for collaborative work where many involved in its management. On the other side of the balance of this simple management programmes of tasks that may be sufficient for many cases but lack features simple and very useful as times, level of importance, projects and others.

qubity is an intermediate task management program that is it is possible to coordinate working teams but it is also a tool that can use a separate worker to control things to be done.

Manage tasks with qubity is simple yet powerful, its graphic interface has all the tools in places accessible, the tasks are grouped into projects, also you can create subtasks, both types have common features home, expiration, if it is a task public or private, add files, notes, followers, assign tasks to other people.

qubity has some very interesting display modes with which the director or a project manager could support for control and management.

The free version of this web service is sufficient for self-employed workers or freelancers, while allowing the inclusion of up to 3 collaborators, excellent for small teams and small projects that do not require additional storage resources.

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Functionality: qubity is a program online to the powerful task management , working groups or individuals.

License: Free bordered by participants and reduced disk space limitation.

Web: https://qubity.com