Readon TV Movie Radio Player Portable

ReadOn TV Movie Radio Player contains hundreds of television channels and radio around the world.

The program brings to your live computer signal satellite lots of television channels. There are channels of all types: movies, documentaries, series, news, etc.
The novelty of this programme with respect to other similar is that Readon TV Movie Radio Player allows to directly record TV and radio programs on your computer. In addition, the channel list is automatically updated.


* Thousands of TV channels and Radio.
* Latest movies!
* Sports live!
* A variety of television channels, including films, children, news, TV, music videos, etc.
* A variety of channels of pop radio, jazz, classical, etc.
* Able to record music from the radio and MTV channels in MP3 files, so you can enjoy them in your favorite MP3 player.
* Record your TV shows bookmarks in video ASF format.
* Motor adults in search of video (in thousands of videos).
* Flash games engine of search (in thousands of games).
* Able to set a password to prevent the viewing of objectionable content.
* Automatic updating of lists of channels.

1 Solution: users are not able to play any video PPStream using previous versions of player Readon may be able to play with this version. Users who have this problem should go to the file-> Setup and adjustment “of the local force to the SPP conversion”
2. Important: All previous versions of the player Readon now unable to report dead and new channels to our servers. This is due to that in all previous versions, we are using Gmail to send data to us. The failure of Google to use another previous password and occasional suspicious activities detection has caused many problems for us.This has been replaced by our e-mail SSL instead.
3 We will disable sports live for all previous versions of Readon Player at an indefinite date in the future. Only the version and later may continue to use the sports live.
4. Certain Windows Media streaming url (url constant change) only works in the current version.
5. some minor user interface changes.

System: Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/Xp/Vista/7/8/10