Software for remote control

It is a web service, which works from the browser. Requires the installation of a plug-in on your web browser to function, in addition should give permissions on the operating system to enable remote control.

Works without problems on the same platforms that are allowed to install the browser chrome: Windows, Mac, Linux, even in the Chromebooks.

This complement for the chrome web browser allows to use google’s service for remote computer control. This remote access allows you to completely control all the functions of the client system, is very useful for remote technical support or to work from a distant site as if we were on our own computer, just to be connected to the Internet.

Once installed the snap-in, see section as I get it:

The installation of it in a window is then authorize as well:

The next step is to authorize access to the computer where you installing:

With this simple steps complete, all that is left is to use it from the browser, when you activate this plugin for remote control shows a number (PIN) which is what you use to access to the machine client. If you require access to a remote computer you need the number only (PIN) of the computer that you want to access remotely.

TeamViewer, which has a free version for non-commercial use.

LogMeIn, is a web service that allows to control computers remotely from the browser.