Sounds for games

Technology enthusiasts are amateur games is almost a general rule, if you are in this group of users “geek” beam thought about making a game is probably the equivalent of having a bar for people who have been very parranderas. Well if one of your projects is to create a game we have some options where you can get or create music and sound for games, you can take it as excuse to boot or use your imagination to create fun sounds, sounds like jump, run, shoot, drop an object, and many others are possible to create these applications.


http://thirdcog.EU/apps/cfxr is a recognized program to create music and sounds for games that is based on ease of use and versatility, making it possible to combine, modify and above all experience creating music and effects that can accompany the adventures that offers us a game.


http://www.bfxr.NET/ is a site where you have two options to create sounds for games the first is by using the program directly from the browser or is also possible to download a version for use on the computer without being connected to the internet, which requires to have installed adobe air.

Download software to make sounds for games bxfr.

If you had the opportunity to visit both pages will notice a great similarity between both applications and cfxr is the free original version and bxfr is a version most current has continued the evolution and has taken different paths.