State of the roads on your phone

You leave home is a very common activity, there are many tourist places to spend a pleasant holiday. There are even many people who consider the road trip across a relaxing experience, know site beautiful, enjoy typical food of the areas where he goes, in the end, the activities they can perform are too many to list them all.

Travel by road is a road to the unknown because we never know with that we will find ourselves, even some things little pleasant as traffic jams, accidents and other events. To avoid these unexpected bumps and get to know the condition of the roads was born waze, the best way to be informed of which occurs on the tracks data in real-time and fed by the users themselves.

Waze is currently a community who was born on an application for smart phones, which is a programme of traffic and free navigation in which users go by races or the streets of a city publish what happens at the sites where going through so that users who are using this same route are informed.

This is a very dynamic community I’ve used this service and it is really very useful, plus participate is very easy and virtually all types of smartphones are supported, I recommend it completely.

How it works?

The application works automatically, just enough to download it and is already in operation, the difference is that if user want to contribute so that others are informed and reward can do you sent events you encounter on the way. The following tutorial video explains:

The application can be downloaded for any type of smart phone with GPS (global positioning system). Users of iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and android will not have problem to download, install and use this application. But even your your phone not account with GPS can use waze.