Sticky Password Pro v5.0.6.246 Multilenguaje

Complete password with automatic insert System Manager.

Sticky Password is a complete password manager with which you can store all your keys in a safe place, use them where necessary with a single click and it will also save having to memorize them all separately.

The program stores all passwords in a database fully protected by powerful algorithms of encryption (AES/Rijndael, Blowfish, Gost, SCOP, Twofish and more, up to 8192 bits) and a key “master”, which is also the only one that you’ll have to remember to access your passwords.

But as well as save keys safely, Sticky Password allows you to insert them where necessary (web pages, FTP servers, programs of instant messaging, etc.) very easily, thanks to a button that appears in the title bar of the window.

The program has support for multiple user names and keys within one account, includes a random password generator, and regularly conducts backups of the database to avoid losing or a key.