Thinking About Switching to a Different Internet and TV System

Thinking about switching to a different internet and TV system since I went to visit my sister last weekend in Indiana. They have Fort Wayne fios from Frontier, which is a fiber optic based internet and TV delivery system. I did not really sit down and do a speed test to see exactly how fast it was, but I know for a fact that it must have been at least three or four times the speed of what I usually get from my Internet service provider. The annoying thing is that I am paying more for the poor service that I am getting than they are paying for the great amount of bandwidth that they have. The difference is probably around fifteen bucks for the internet and about the same for the TV. I think that it might not be perfect for all people, but that is based on what I was reading about U verse. I can not get Frontier here in North Carolina, but I can get Time Warner which I have and I can get AT & T U Verse.

From what I am reading it seems as though U Verse might not be optimal if you have more than four tv’s in you house. In fact I suppose that is quite common, but I wonder how many people have a lot of tv sets in their house which are never watched at the same time. For instance we have about half a dozen sets in the house. Both of the kids have a TV in their bedroom. However they are usually using them to play video games it seems. We have a TV in our bedroom, but we only watch it when we are in bed and so we can not be watching one of the other sets.