Trying to Figure out What I Can Afford to Pay for

If I get my own place that would make my girlfriend a lot happier. She hates the guys that I have been sharing a house with and obviously they are loud and annoying, rather like most other guys when you get down to it. At any rate those guys are not the most pleasant characters in the world to live with, but at the end of the month they always have their share of the rent and the power bill and so forth. They rarely even drink my beer, which is nice. I am looking at sites like and shopping around for the best prices on internet service right now. That is where this stuff gets tricky. The thing is that this girl does not want me to live with these guys, because they bother her and they stare at her butt when she walks away among other things. However she also does not want to live with me and share the expenses of the place.

At least she is not down with the part where she pays half of the rent and so forth. She would be willing to live with me, but she wants it to be the same deal she has now where her Mom and Dad pay all of the bill, or me in their place. The truth is that I could find a small place, like a studio apartment and I could swing the rent on it. Then I could afford my expenses and the power bill. That would not leave any money for much else, in fact I have to have the internet for a variety of reasons. It is not up for debate. Other stuff I can likely do with none of, for example you do not have to have cable tv.