Zoner Photo Studio Pro, Swiss army knife to edit, organize and share your photos

Go to the image of the Swiss army knife is an easy to use, but in this case fits perfectly with so many options offered by Zone Photo Studio: since the acquisition of images until the creation of photo albums, passing through the geolocation of your photos and editing through effects and classical settings of brightness, saturation, noise reduction and red-eye effect, etc.

There are so many things that allow test Zoner Photo Studio is a similar experience to the open a packet of sweets: you do not know where giving the first bite and soon feels a complacent indigestion. Although it may seem, it is not contradictory, but it requires time to take advantage of.

Zoner Photo Studio is compatible with all digital cameras and scanners, you can enhance your photos using settings, correction filters and artistic (oleos, old photo, frames, etc.), even turns out to be an excellent Organizer as well as offering templates print or photographic montages. Finally, adherents of the GPS can geotag your photos while others create a web gallery or a photo pass on DVD.